Mobile Wine Rack

Spring is upon us here in beautiful Livermore California.  The sun is out, temperature is rising, and the flowers are blooming.  It is the change in seasons that makes me think of summer and the family vacations that are awaiting us.  One of those vacations is our family camping trip to Memorial Park, which has become an annual trip.  The last two years we were joined by the two other families of, the not yet founded, Bryersantís.  I believe these camping trips created the start of Bryersantís. Last year provided us with a defining moment when Rachel and Julia left the campground to visit nearby Pescadero.  I came back to the campsite from a leisurely hike to find they had returned and set up a mobile wine rack in my tent.  That day I found that it doesn’t matter if you are enjoying a fine cabernet at a beautiful winery, relaxing to a smooth merlot at home after a long day at work, or sipping on a sweet riesling out in the middle of nature on a hot summer day.  I look forward to setting up this years tent cellar and the memories we will make around the campfire.

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