Concannon Wine Tasting at the Livermore Safeway

When you want to find great bottles of wine, the Livermore wineries are not the only places to find them.  The Safeway supermarket located near I-580 at 4595 First Street in Livermore has definitely taken on the wine country spirit.  They have created a phenomenal wine experience in their wine section, in which they have set themselves apart with their walk in wine cooler and tasting area.  Representatives from local and surrounding wineries are brought in on a regular basis to provide featured tastings of their wine.  This afternoon I was lucky enough to walk into Safeway to find that Concannon Winery was being featured and members of the Concannon family were present for the pouring.  After a wonderful flight.  I walked away with several signed bottles of the Concannon Chardonnay.  Thank you Safeway for promoting Livermore Wine.  Here is to finding gems in unexpected locations.

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