Ruby Hill After Work

There is nothing like enjoying wine with friends after a hard day of work.  Thank you Ruby Hill for opening your tasting room everyday from 11:00 to 5:30 to make it possible to drop by after work.

Lodi 2006 Kenwood Old Vine Zin

A short drive from Livermore, Lodi offers a magnificent climate for growing Zinfandel grapes.  This 2006 Old Vine Zin doesn’t disappoint.  It is smooth from start to finish.  Tonight Jenny and I enjoyed a pour with shell pasta, zucchini, and a marinara and ground turkey sauce.  The kids are scooping ice cream for dessert but […]

Crab Feed

I attended the school crab feed tonight and found a nice surprise.  I walked up to the bar and found they were serving Wente’s Riva Ranch Chardonnay and Page Mill Winery’s Cabernet Sauvignon as the featured wines. I had to pick up both bottles for my table.  It was a fun night with good friends and good […]

Thinking Of Livermore

Thinking back, when I was a kid, Livermore seemed to be hundreds of miles away.  Living in San Lorenzo, 20 miles east of me was more than I could comprehend.  A girl who attended my elementary school lived in “Livermore”.  I could barely fathom the thought of driving so far to school each day. Fast […]

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