Thinking Of Livermore

Thinking back, when I was a kid, Livermore seemed to be hundreds of miles away.  Living in San Lorenzo, 20 miles east of me was more than I could comprehend.  A girl who attended my elementary school lived in “Livermore”.  I could barely fathom the thought of driving so far to school each day. Fast forward 30 something years and I am an established resident of this town, 20 miles goes by fast when you’re actually the one driving and who wouldn’t want to come to our amazing town?  Of course, I am biased, I do love where I live.  Could it be the rolling hills snow-capped in winter and clover green in the spring?  Or the miles and miles of vineyards that look beautiful in all seasons?  I had no idea, when my husband, and then 1-year-old son moved here 11 years ago, what a gem this “little” town was.  From the spring and summer nights spent at the farmer’s market to the wild and crazy picnic dinners at Tuesday Tunes to the visits to beautiful little wineries where you still have that old town feeling.  Livermore has it all.  One of my favorite parts of this town are the small wineries nestled in whatever little place makes the most sense.  Some are in the industrial section near the airport, like my all time favorite, Longevity, while others are in the further most points east near the Poppy Ridge golf course.  Some are so close to the Livermore border, you may mistake it for being in Livermore, even though it’s address is technically in Pleasanton (Ruby Hill).  Livermore is starting to get it’s name out there as a beautiful and successful wine region of California.  Move over Napa, here we come……..

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