Akin Estates Zinfandel

Went over to Livermore’s Grocery Outlet today and decided to check out the wine department.  For some reason, there are still a ton of Australian wines there right now which don’t really seem to be moving.  That’s always a sign that the wine is not the best.  Hidden within some of the wines that have been there a while and some of the Australian wines, a label I hadn’t seen before caught my eye.  It was Akin Estates 2004 Zinfandel. Cool label, a little older Zin, from Lodi, sounded pretty good.  At 3.99 a bottle, I had to pick up a couple.  Brought it home, my husband revved up the BBQ and we popped open the bottle.  What a treat!  This wine is loaded with flavor.  It was delicious!  Full bodied with hints of fruit and a small amount of pepper.  It goes for around $20 at the winery.  It’s a true steal at $3.99.  A true sign of a great wine is if you tasted this wine at the winery, would you end up buying a bottle at $20?  The answer is definitely yes on this one.  Now I can buy 5 bottles for the price of one.  Yours for the taking at your Livermore Grocery Outlet. Cheers.

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