Swirl At Blacksmith’s Square

Located in downtown Livermore in a small cluster of old brick buildings, lies a small wine bar known as Swirl.  Although they also serve food, it’s the wines that you need to come here for. If you want a taste of Livermore, look no further than Swirl.  They offer a wide variety of Livermore wines, and their menu changes frequently.  For instance, I was impressed when I viewed the menu recently.  The menu says they offer “a unique variety of Livermore Valley, Lodi, and Clarksburg Wines”, but I only noticed Livermore Valley wines for this week.  Some of the wines featured were Wood FamilyEl SolOcassioCrooked VineStony RidgeSteven Kent, and Cuda Ridge.  Some of my favorites.  I love that this wine bar caters to our unique surroundings.  Not every city has a wine country like ours.   Rocco, the owner, knows what he’s doing.  Why would you serve wines from anywhere else if you have the offerings of our valley?  I once visited a local Livermore restaurant (whose name shall remain nameless) with several of my friends.  We all ordered a glass of house chardonnay.  Tasted fine, not great, but what the heck, we’d all love a 2nd glass and why not just get a bottle?  There were at least 5 of us. We ordered up a bottle, and low and behold, what appears? An infamous $1.99 bottle from a local grocery chain was brought out and served up at 5 times the price.  This was a tragic moment for Livermore.  Our wines need to be heralded in our local restaurants.  Enough of that rant, let’s get back to Rocco at Swirl.  This wine bar owner knows the value of his customers.  We are here to taste a little bit of the harvest.  We want to know that this great wine comes from our own “backyard”.  He does this well.  I recommend Swirl to everyone from far and near. This would be a great place to introduce a newby to Livermore Valley Wine or just a great place to have a date.

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