Livermore Vineyards

Sifting through my pile of papers from the past week, I stumbled upon The Independent Magazine, Livermore’s once monthly guide to art, wine and entertainment.  Towards the end of the magazine, I found a list of Livermore wineries.  After looking through the list, I realized that I am talking about Livermore wines in my blogs, but I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to visiting Livermore wineries myself.  I am a creature of habit, once I find something that I really love, it is hard for me to try something new for fear that I will be disappointed.  That’s why I usually stick to the tried and true wineries that I love that don’t disappoint.  There are so many other Livermore wineries, however, that I may discover that I love and from that love can share with others.  From Bodegas AguirreEagle RidgeNottingham CellarsOccasio, to PicazoRed SkyeRetzlaff and more, there are so many new places and wines to explore.  I realized that I should have no end of subject matter for my blogging hobby.  I will try to visit and relay my findings.  I’d also love to hear from you….what are some of your favorites?  Find a new winery out there that is cool and unique and that makes fabulous wines?  Let us know!!!!  Together we can really put Livermore Valley on the map!

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