The Sisters Of The Vine

Today I went to Oakland for lunch with my sisters and some friends.  We don’t do this often enough – it was a great, relaxing afternoon.  Years ago, my sister-in-law and a few friends started an “affinity group” and called themselves the Sisters of the Vine.  I happily married into this group of women that was formed out of a love for wine.  Though we don’t get together very often (maybe once or twice a year), it is always relaxing and fun.

There were many bottles brought to the table.  We paired them with a variety of wonderful food – an antipasto tray, garlic bread, home-made Italian Wedding Soup, a fantastic green salad and chocolate cake for dessert.  We started with a Chardonnay that my sis-in-law bought at Whole Foods.  It was very fruity and smooth.  Not generally enjoying a white wine with so much fruit, I decided to check the label.  I was astonished to see that it was vinted and bottled in Livermore, CA.  The name of the winery is Harthill Farms (one that I was not familiar with).  It is great to see wineries outside of the Livermore Valley using Livermore grapes!  At $4.99 per bottle, this is a real treat.  Very refreshing………..

As we moved on to the soup, salad, and finally the yummy cake, we opened a bottle of Longevity Barbera.  I had been wanting to share this gem with the Sisters for a while.  Delicious, as always.  Our next Sisters of the Vine meeting will take place here in Livermore in the fall right before harvest so that we can enjoy the beauty of the vines before it becomes a treat on our table.  Cheers to the Sisters of the Vine!

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