The Weekend

Wrapping up another amazing weekend here in the Livermore Valley.  Today had to be ONE of the most beautiful days weather wise here in the Bay Area.  70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, cool breezes.  The epitome of California life in one of the most scenic parts of our state.  Started the day out going to breakfast with my family.  Went on a small drive around the Livermore wine country and ended up at Longevity Winery to taste their new Mourvedre.  As always, we were greeted with warm welcomes, friendly conversation, and of course, the best wine EVER!!!!  Thanks guys!!!

After that I ran a few errands with my son and then had a big BBQ with friends.  Kids running everywhere, playing, and having fun.  Adults talking and eating and discussing and laughing.  A wonderful way to wrap up another wonderful Livermore Valley weekend.  Cheers!!!!

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