Bike Ride Through Livermore Wine Country

Here in the Livermore Valley, there are some great roads to ride your bike on.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings, if you hit the right streets, it can be quite relaxing and challenging with many scenic, rolling hills and long, straight roads to test your endurance.  I always go up North Livermore to start my ride and as it curves around the street name changes to Tesla Road.  Once on Tesla, many small Livermore Valley wineries can be found.  It’s great having all of this in my backyard!  This morning on my usual bike ride up Tesla, I passed Stony Ridge Winery at Crooked Vine.  It’s on Tesla Road right before Mines Road close to Murrieta’s Well; Another great Winery.  Anyway, as I passed by Stony Ridge, I suddenly remembered how great their wine was when I tasted there last year.  Most of their wines were excellent from what I remember.  The the Stony Ridge Zin was one of the best Zins I’ve ever tasted.  So jammy, so powerful, tons of flavor, and yet very smooth.  This is something that could be sipped without a big meal.  I need to go back soon. Maybe next weekend I’ll take my bike ride later in the day and stop in and have some Zin!

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