2006 Harris Tesla Cabernet Sauvignon

The sun is back today after a few cool days in Livermore so we rolled out the BBQ.  Hamburgers for the kids and Korean BBQ beef for the adults.  We’re washing it down with a 2006 Harris-Tesla Cabernet Sauvignon.   We opened the bottle and let it breathe a few minutes and found pleasant aromas when we […]

Garré Chardonnay

There is nothing I like better on a Friday afternoon than to be spontaneous – even better when a good friend is involved!  This past Friday, I was antsy and felt like my work day needed to be over a little early.  After a quick text to Rachel, my feeling was validated.  Right before noon, Rachel and I […]

I’m not a big fan of wine, but I do like this one! 2007 BoaVentura Syrah

“I’m not a big fan of wine, but I do like this one.”  This should be my new official quote for Bryersantis LOL.  Tonight, after Ken got home from a loooong day at work, he opened up the BoaVentura split bottle ( a cute half-size bottle perfect for 2 to share).  This was one Julia recommended I […]

2007 Livermore Valley Rodrigue Molyneaux Sangiovese

Here’s another new one for me!  I have not tasted at Rodrigue Molyneaux, but I hear all their wines are great.  They are located in Livermore on Marina Street.  I was given a bottle of the 2007 Sangiovese to try recently, so I decided to open up the bottle tonight.  Not a very strong aroma, but I did […]

2007 BoaVentura Syrah

The end of another weekend.  So much better with the 2007 BoaVentura Syrah.  This was a new wine to me.  My wife brought it home from a quick trip to the BoaVentura Winery located on Tesla Road here in Livermore.  I’m not a huge fan of the Syrah.  I’ve only liked one other, which was from Longevity Wines, […]

Wente Vineyards Morning Fog Chardonnay

I recently returned from a whirlwind adventure to Southern California, with a great stop at the Disneyland Resort.  Here we wined and dined and played.  Going to Disneyland, relaxing by the pool, sipping some wine, and enjoying the beauty of wonderful friendships.  I love to get away!  But, when it all comes to down to […]

Sunday At McGrail Winery

After enjoying a bottle of McGrail Winery’s Patriot with Carl last Sunday, I learned from a friend that McGrail Winery was going to be hosting “music in the vines with Jill King.”  I knew nothing about Jill King, but it sounded like it would be a fun time.  I arrived at the winery shortly after 2:00 and found […]

Celebrating With Good Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon to go wine tasting with Julia and Rachel (all for the sake of research, of course).  We started off with our friends Debra and Phil at Longevity – a wonderful experience as always.  After that we headed out to Tesla Road to cover some new ground for us.  We went […]

McGrail Vineyards Patriot

Just over one year ago, on March 21, 2009, Sgt. Mark Dunakin, Sgt Ervin Romans, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, and Officer John Hege of the Oakland Police department were slain in the line of duty.  This tragic event caused pain in the lives of thousands.  It is a day that will not and should not be […]

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