Celebrating With Good Friends

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking the afternoon to go wine tasting with Julia and Rachel (all for the sake of research, of course).  We started off with our friends Debra and Phil at Longevity – a wonderful experience as always.  After that we headed out to Tesla Road to cover some new ground for us.  We went to Bodegas Aguirre (Jesse was a very insightful host as he poured some of the finest that Bodegas had to offer).  We really enjoyed their offerings!!  Then we were off to BoaVentura(apparently we happened to get lucky yesterday – the owners got a last-minute babysitter for their kids and were able to open their doors – lucky us)!  I had never had any of their wines and was delighted at what I tasted.  Great couple that owns the winery and wonderful wines.

As we drive away from BoaVentura, we thought we were headed to the Grill at Wente for a light dinner.  As we turned down Concannon, we saw a sign for Rodrigue Molyneaux.  I had tasted their wine before with a friend and was very interested in what else they had to offer.  We couldn’t resist as we made that last-minute left hand turn onto Marina Avenue.  I loved it from the moment I stepped out of the car.  The property that the winery sits on is peaceful and inviting.  It was quiet and serene.  Grass, flowers and a fountain welcomed us as we approached the tasting room.  I knew I would love this place.  The music definitely had an Italian flair to it and when I saw their wine menu for the first time, I knew why.  Italian varietals – some of my all-time favorites.  Their only white was Amianco – a 2008 Pinot Bianco – delicious and refreshing.  I am looking forward to sharing this with friends on a warm day.  Their reds were amazing – Barbera, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Cabiovese (yes – this is an amazing Cab/Sangiovese blend – YUM), and the list went on.  It is rare to walk into a tasting room and love everything you try.  This is one of those rare places.  Our hostess was full of information and very friendly.  The hardest part was deciding which ones to purchase and then having to leave.  Wonderful experience.  Definitely a place that I will bring my husband (and even the kids).  On our way out, we happened upon Garry and Nancy Rodrigue and were thrilled to have the opportunity to gush over their wine and our overall pleasurable experience at their winery.  What a treat!

Cheers to new experiences – one of my new top 5’s!

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