2007 BoaVentura Syrah

The end of another weekend.  So much better with the 2007 BoaVentura Syrah.  This was a new wine to me.  My wife brought it home from a quick trip to the BoaVentura Winery located on Tesla Road here in Livermore.  I’m not a huge fan of the Syrah.  I’ve only liked one other, which was from Longevity Wines, also here in town.  Let me tell you, I instantly knew this was going to be a memorable Syrah from the moment I opened it.  So much good aroma right after the pop of the cork!  I tasted it and wow!  Full bodied, strong, black cherries, dried apricot, and surprisingly tart.  My wife even suggested a hint of chocolate.  Overall, a truly great wine that I will remember and most certainly buy again.  Ya know what’s perfect?  Driving about 10 minutes to get some more!

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