Sunday At McGrail Winery

After enjoying a bottle of McGrail Winery’s Patriot with Carl last Sunday, I learned from a friend that McGrail Winery was going to be hosting “music in the vines with Jill King.”  I knew nothing about Jill King, but it sounded like it would be a fun time.  I arrived at the winery shortly after 2:00 and found the music was in full swing.  I had my elementary age son with me, which some might think is a problem at a winery.  With a large front lawn and a couple of toys he too was in for a good time.  Thankfully for those of us with the little guys, the McGrail family is known to be welcoming to the kids.  I started with a tasting and then headed out to the patio to enjoy another bottle of the Patriot with friends.  All of the wines were fantastic and the music was great.  I even had the opportunity to meet Jim McGrail as he walked through, talking with the patrons.  I look forward to going back again.  I think next time I’ll bring the whole family for a picnic on the front lawn and of course a nice bottle of McGrail wine for the adults.

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