2007 Livermore Valley Rodrigue Molyneaux Sangiovese

Here’s another new one for me!  I have not tasted at Rodrigue Molyneaux, but I hear all their wines are great.  They are located in Livermore on Marina Street.  I was given a bottle of the 2007 Sangiovese to try recently, so I decided to open up the bottle tonight.  Not a very strong aroma, but I did get strawberries of all things!  When I tasted, I got hints of the strawberries along with a little chocolate.  My wife ran out of the room for a minute only to return with a piece of chocolate which made my tasting experience a lot better.  I also noticed some pepper that completed this full-bodied wine.  The color was also a deep dark red.  Love it when a wine is so thick and full of color that you can hardly see through it.  Lastly, the flavor and aroma only got better as the wine sat.  I cannot wait to take a trip out there to try more from Rodrigue Molyneaux. I’ve heard everything else is unbelievable!

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