2006 Harris Tesla Cabernet Sauvignon

The sun is back today after a few cool days in Livermore so we rolled out the BBQ.  Hamburgers for the kids and Korean BBQ beef for the adults.  We’re washing it down with a 2006 Harris-Tesla Cabernet Sauvignon.   We opened the bottle and let it breathe a few minutes and found pleasant aromas when we poured it in our six glasses.  The taste was excellent and smooth from the first sip and we decided not to use the Venturi.  The best sensation is to bite a bit of beef and immediately take a drink.  Or eat a seasoned french-fry just before a drink and you get a yummy cake-batter experience on your tongue.  The Harris-Tesla property is located on Tesla Road but visit their online web store at http://harristesla.com.  You may be able to find the owners, Bill and Sandy Thomson, at local wine events making friends and sharing their dream of developing Livermore into a premier wine destination.  Okay back to the wine,  it tastes even better after it’s been in the glass for 10 minutes.

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