Garré Chardonnay

There is nothing I like better on a Friday afternoon than to be spontaneous – even better when a good friend is involved!  This past Friday, I was antsy and felt like my work day needed to be over a little early.  After a quick text to Rachel, my feeling was validated.  Right before noon, Rachel and I set out to try something new.  We knew it should involve some research AND food!  We decided on Garré knowing that both goals could be accomplished in one place.  Having never tasted there before, I was very excited to see what they had to offer.  We started our adventure in Cafe Garré where we each ordered a cold glass of their 2008 Chardonnay and a Brushy Peak sandwich.  The staff was friendly, helpful, and fast!  The food was excellent – just what I imagined on a warm Friday afternoon.  The Chardonnay was dry at first, but VERY fruity toward the end.  Wow – strawberry and kiwi in a chardonnay is delightful!  After finishing lunch, we made our way across the property to the tasting room where we were greeted by a smiling, friendly Linda.  After *tasting* the Chardonnay again, we went through the delightful list of red wines – Cab Franc, Gina Marie’s Merlot, and Profound Secret (you’ll have to find out the secret for yourself) were among the offerings.  Rachel and I had a great experience talking with Linda and even being able to taste a port that is no longer available for sale.  The people at Garré are very friendly and knowledgeable.  I hope the next time you have a chance to try something new, Garré will be on your list!

Cheers to Friday afternoon in Livermore’s beautiful wine country!

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