Pedicures And Martinis

Friday afternoon turned out to be one of those rare splurges where Jenny and I decided to stimulate the Livermore economy.  Still on a high from finishing her tax season, Jenny suggested an escape for pedicures at Bollinger’s Salon downtown and a light lunch.  Hard to resist!  My toes have been neglected after a long, […]

End of Tax Season 2009 and Other Triumphs!

Wow – what a great, productive, fun day.  Anyone who knows me wouldn’t think that I would use all of those adjectives in one “title” on April 15th.  The past few months have been full of challenges AND opportunities.  The challenges lie within the realm of tax *work* – what a different year this has been […]

My Observations On Carl’s Tasting

A couple of days ago we left you with a cliff hanger….the upcoming tasting of the Ruby Hill 2007 Estate Reserve Merlot…..I jotted down several notes as Carl tasted this one, here is my interpretation…..

Cork opened

Carl: “even the cork is perfect…”

Wine poured into Carl’s favorite glass, the stemless red wine glass, carefully aerated with […]

Ruby Hill 2007 Estate Reserve Merlot

Here it is Tuesday and I’m still thinking back to the Ruby Hill release party last Friday night.  Man, they really threw a great party.  Such a great time with good friends and Ruby Hill Livermore Valley wine.  They featured a few different wines that Julia already wrote about in her Monday April 12th blog.  I remember tasting […]

Identity Compromised and RED WINE

Life is full of surprising lessons.  Don’t go out when it’s raining without an umbrella.  Never count your chickens before they’re hatched.  Never drink a 2000 Chardonnay in 2010, and the list goes on.  Some small lessons, some big.  Today I learned a big one.  We received an e-cycling flyer last week and were eager […]

Ruby Hill Release Party

Last Friday night didn’t get here fast enough.  All week-long we were looking forward to the Ruby Hill Winery Wine Release Party!!  Everything Ruby Hill does is first class, so I knew this event would not disappoint!  And of course, it did not….It was a gorgeous evening, sun just starting to set when the Bryersantís family and […]

Tenuta: Kelley’s Blend

This afternoon I was presented with the opportunity to go to Tenuta Winery.  As Tenuta is one of my top 5 in Livermore, it was a no-brainer.  One of the things I love about Tenuta is that when you walk in the door, you are greeted and recognized.  Whether it is Gary pouring the wine or Rich greeting you […]

Retzlaff Vineyard Easter Recap

The Saturday before Easter, my family and I were out running around Livermore.  We drove by Retzlaff winery and decided to drive in and check it out, as we had not previously been there.  We immediately fell in love with their property.  Lots of grass for the kids to run around on, toy tractors to sit […]

Thrifty Ice Cream And Other Small Delights

Livermore boasts an array of fantastic wineries, scenery that is 2nd to none, top-notch restaurants and a wonderful refurbished downtown area.  The list could go on and on why I love this town.  Farmer’s Market, Art Shows, Christmas Parades, the crisp reddish vineyards in the fall.  Today, I just found another love in my town […]

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