Red Feather Winery

It was a beautiful day in the Livermore Valley today and the opportunity presented itself to expand my view of the Livermore Wine Country.  I had heard of Red Feather Winery on Facebook of all places and decided to give it a try.

I traveled down Greenville Rd, which is home to many of Livermore’s fantastic wineries and saw the Red Feather sign pointing the way up a gravel road toward the tasting room.  As I stepped out of my truck, I took note of the gorgeous view of the Livermore Valley.  I entered the tasting room and was greeted by Connie, the vineyard manager.  She took me through the tasting and boy was it delicious.  While all of the selections were great, two really stood out to me.

One of those stand outs was the 2008 White Cabernet Sauvignon.  With summer right around the corner, this wine is perfect for those warm summer days.  It’s not often that you will see Cabernet Sauvignon grapes used in a light summery treat like this, but I for one was delighted with the arraignment.

After tasting some great reds,  I moved onto desert.  Connie poured the deep red, Port styled, dessert wine and then offered me some delicious brownies to go with it.  This wine had the perfect blend of sweetness and I have to say it is among the best dessert wines I have tasted.

It was a pleasure talking with Connie.  She has a wonderful love for the Livermore Valley Wine Country and the other boutique wineries who are also trying to create works of art out the fruit of this valley.

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