Occasio Winery

I love that we are getting out there and bringing friends into the uncharted territory of the Livermore Wineries with what we now lovingly call “Research Fridays”.  I just need to say… I love research Fridays!  I love the chance to get out into my “backyard” to relax, sip some wine, and meet new people who share our love for the Livermore Valley.  This last sunny Friday afternoon, Jenny along with a couple more wine-loving friends and I explored South Vasco and stopped for a visit to Occasio Wines.  The moment I walked in the door I was in love with their warm and inviting tasting room.  It was beautifully decorated with warm butter colored walls, dark cabinetry, and granite countertops.  I felt almost as if I were standing in a friend’s kitchen.  We were greeted by the friendly staff and their marketer Bob who just happened to be in that day and was more than happy to tell us all about Occasio Wines.  We enjoyed all the wines, the Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and the Zinfandel, but I especially enjoyed the chocolates!  What more can I say?  Now that’s speaking my language!  The girls must have loved the wines too because they bought a few bottles of the Zinfandel to take home!  As you may know I cannot pretend to be a wine expert or even a lover of wines, but I did enjoy each one and the experience we had there.  Before we left, John, the winemaker was kind enough to show us his facility and how he turns his Livermore grapes (and only Livermore grapes for this winemaker!) into his prize-winning wines.  The day was enjoyable and the tour and Zinfandel infused chocolates were a highlight for me along with spending time with friends.

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