“Seat of MY Pants” Blend

This big red blend was AWESOME!  A wine to definitely make me say, “WOW”!  Julia and I went to El Sol Winery this past weekend and tasted this and the other wines they offer.  It was the perfect day, sunny and breezy as we sat outside on their patio to taste.  I want to get ahead of myself and tell you all about the winery, friendly wine maker, welcoming staff and all the other flavorful wines we tasted.  I won’t let myself because we are going to feature El Sol Winery very soon and I want to dedicate an entire article on this fantastic Livermore Winery.  Right now I want to get back to this bold blend.  Again, “WOW”!!  Such a great wine, bold, smooth, and very flavorful!  Almost like eating chocolate covered cherries with a bite at the end.  A familiar bite like a great Zin.  This was a steal at $18 a bottle.  Your tasting fee of $5 will go toward your bottle so it ends up being $13.  Can’t beat that!  Take a drive out there and sample all their wines.  Make sure you sample their Chard, and Tempranillo as well.  Tell them Bryersantis sent you, cheers!

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