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It’s been a long week.  Since last Thursday I felt like I was dying from whatever sickness decided to strike my body.  I’m glad to say that I am on my way to recovery and I’m am looking forward to getting out of the house to try some more fantastic Livermore Wine.

I have found it is amazing; the things I can get accomplished while lying around the house resting.  Just recently the Bryersantís Family decided an upgrade might be in order for the blog section of our site.  We found that the user experience was very dependent on which web browser they were using.  It is our goal to provide our readers with with the same Livermore Wine experience no matter how they get to our site.  To accomplish that goal we have created the blog environment you see here today.

For our veteran members I am sure you have noticed the new look for the blog section.  We hope you like it and find it to be more user friendly.  For everyone please feel free to browse our blog and let us know what you think.


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