Hidden Creek

Hidden Creek 2005 Syrah

Nestled in a small court off of Vasco Road is a winery named Hidden Creek.  This winery doesn’t have the grandiose architecture of the larger wineries, but behind their little storefront the winemaker, Jim Frost, applies his craft to make masterpieces.  I had the opportunity to try the Hidden Creek Syrah, Cabernet, and Merlot and found they were each full of flavor.  I could write a separate blog on each of these wines, but on this visit I was more interested trying out a wine the winemaker preferred.  Jim pointed out the 2005 Napa Valley Syrah and mentioned it was best with a great steak or BBQ.  This wine had not been available for tasting and I am not against trying new things.  Since the Bryersantís group is getting together Monday night for a BBQ, I decided that would be a perfect time to give the ’05 Syrah a taste.  I anticipate great things.  Stay tuned…

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