When Going For The Wine Don’t Forget About The Food

Jim Thurman At The Longevity Wines Salsa Throw-down

I was just sitting on the couch watching a food show on one of the many food channels that seem to be around these days and it made me hungry.  As I watched all of the BBQ delicacies that danced across the TV screen my thoughts wandered to some of the best BBQ I have tasted.

I have had the opportunity to have some pulled pork in Huntsville, Alabama and dry rub ribs in Memphis, Tennessee, but one of the most memorable BBQ experiences I have had was at the Salsa Throw-Down that was just recently hosted by Longevity Winery.  Longevity brought in chef “Smokey” Jim Thurman of Smokey’s Kitchen Specialty Wine & Food Pairing out of San Leandro.  Todd mentioned the carne asada and chorizo tacos in his blog on the Longevity Salsa Throw-Down, but the food was so good I felt it deserved its own blog.

Several weeks after the Salsa Throw-Down I ran into “Smokey” Jim at Nottingham Cellars as he was coming back from another catering event.  He immediately recognized me from the Longevity party and offered me a sampling of his most recent creation.  As he opened the food warmers, a variety of wonderful smells met my nose.  Jim provided me with a plate that contained pasta in a white sauce and a chicken parmesan dish.  All I could say was wow!!!

So often we go to wine events with our focus only on the wine.  Here is my shout out to one of the great caterers who provides such an awesome complement to the wines we drink.  I can’t wait to see “Smokey” Jim Thurman at future events.

If you would like to experience some great cooking at one of your events you can get in touch with “Smokey” Jim by email at smokeyj@sbcglobal.net.

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