San Diego Field Trip

Springtime and harvest time are two of the greatest seasons in our  Livermore Valley.  This Spring we had some late rains and Jenny and I escaped to San Diego for a week.  We spent most of our free time at the pool instead of investigating which Livermore wines are most popular down here in San Diego County restaurants.  I guess we’ll have to come down again for more research.  We did visit a local wine maker, Don Mirkovich, who shared some of his pre-release blends alongside a Salmon feast.  We’ll have to write more about that soon, especially when he starts incorporating grapes from the most captivating wine valley in California, ours!

On our trip we brought a CABIOVESE from Rodrigue Molyneaux so that we would never feel far from home.

Looking forward to our return home….

Go this way for great wines!

Rodrigue Molyneaux Estate Winery and Vineyard - click to visit

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