2 Wines At T.J.’s

Whenever I go into Trader Joe’s in Livermore, I like to pass through the wine department.  Sometimes I find something interesting, sometimes I don’t.  It can be pretty hit or miss.  I have found a lot of great wines but on the same page, I have found a lot of lemons.  You just never know.  […]

Nottingham Cellars

This Friday afternoon a portion of the Bryersantis family (and a couple of other wine fans) could be found at Nottingham Cellars on Vasco Road.  When we walked in, we were greeted by Jeff, who enthusiastically walked us throughNottingham’s wines of the day.  The offerings for the afternoon included a newly released Grenache Rose, 2007 Livermore Valley Viognier, 2005 […]

Bodegas Aguirre Livermore Valley 2006 Tempranillo

Tuesday…..Who really thinks of Tuesday as being a great day of the week? Thanks to Bodegas Aguirre, this one was!  I haven’t had very many Tempranillo wines before, and now, I want to try more!  I researched and found out that Tempranillo is arguably the most famous of Spain’s native grapes and is widely […]


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Livermore, over the hill to Fremont brings us a classic, iconic restaurant called Massimo’s.  Massimo’s was  founded  in the fall of 1976 by Bill and Marie Rinetti.  It was Bill’s life long love and passion for cooking that started this restaurant.  His passion for excellent food paid off.

Upon […]

Trader Joe’s Zinfandel

Today I picked up a bottle of the Paso Robles Zin, with the Trader Joe’s label, that was featured in the current Fearless Flyer.  There were a few things that drew me to this particular wine:

Paso Robles – I have had many a good Zin from the Paso region and am always interested in trying […]

Wente Vineyards is named California’s 2010 “Winery of the Year”!

Bryersantis wishes to extend a hearty congratulations to Livermore’s Wente Vineyards on winning the honor of California’s “Winery of the Year” by the California Travel Industry Association!

This is an enormous achievement as a major component in the decision process goes beyond the winemaker’s excellent wine. It also includes the winery’s contribution to developing the California […]

Longevity Wines Salsa Throw-Down

Longevity Winery hosted Livermore’s Salsa Throw-Down on May 8th, 2010.   Carne Asada and chorizo tacos were served with beans, rice and chips and ~10 different fresh homemade salsas brought-in by Longevity fans.  Kids we occupied playing on the shady grass and sneaking sodas from the ice chest as the adults kept cool with tangy sangria.  Longevity’s […]

La Rochelle

It appears that, until school lets out for the kiddos, Friday afternoons will be called “Research Friday” for the ladies of Bryersantís.  This past Friday, you would have found Julia, Rachel, and I at La Rochelle.  Located on Tesla Road, this one is a “must experience”.  I call it an experience because it is truly different from any other […]

Guest Blogger- Ruby Hill Port

Do you love the taste of sweet juicy cherry’s?  How about the wonderful taste of chocolate?  Maybe you like Plum with a hint of raspberry?  You can have all this in one sip of Ruby Hill’s Port!  It is a wonderful blend of all these tastes and more!  Sip in at the end of an evening […]

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