Last weekend I had a couple hours to myself so, I decided to pay a visit to a winery I have heard a lot about, but have never been to.  I learned from Jenny that she received an email from BoaVentura de Caires winery, which alerted her that they would be open for tasting.  I figured that it was my opportunity to pay them a visit.

Down Tesla Rd, about one mile from Greenville Rd, I saw the small sign directing me to a small one lane dirt road that led up a small hill past flourishing grape vines.  As I followed the road, the beauty of the property unfolded before me.  I made my way to the tasting room, which I found to be in a barn that was filled with ambiance.  I remembered Rachel mentioning BoaVentura as being a family friendly winery in her tour page on the Bryersantí website.  With the expansive grass area surrounding the tasting room and the bocce ball court along side the tasting room, I could understand how the children could enjoy themselves.

I entered the tasting room and found it filled with two large groups who had decided to enjoy their celebrations at BoaVentura.  The winemaker, Brett Caires, was pouring wine for his guests and sharing with them his winemaking process.

I went through the tasting and I was pleased with the great combination of flavors I found in each of the wines.  I would say that this winery is a must visit when tasting in Livermore.  I’m thinking of a picnic with the family for the next visit.

Since they are not open every weekend, I gladly signed up for their email list so I could get alerts on the days they would be open.  When I get the email I will be sure to pass it on to everyone.  I can’t wait.

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