Spotlight 2005 Merlot Central Coast

I got a text today from my wife asking if I could join her and the rest of my family at my brother in-law’s house for dinner. There was another text right after that to, “bring the wine”. I was instructed to grab something really quick from our house and come on over. I drove home after work, changed from my work “uniform” and quickly grabbed a few bottles of wine. I remembered that Julia bought them from the Livermore Grocery Outlet and was wanting to give them a try. When I got to my brother in-law’s house, I realized one of the bottles I grabbed was a Spotlight 2005 Merlot Central Coast red. The first sip after opening the bottle did not really make me do back flips, I was kinda disappointed. Well, I just let my glass sit and found out the longer I did, the better it tasted. All in all, this wine is a great everyday bargain that goes great with BBQ’ed chicken and hamburgers……which my brother in-law BBQ’ed to perfection! The red had a great nose, almost a cinnamon chocolate kind of thing going on. Really smooth and I would say most of the flavor comes after you’ve tasted and had a chance to think about it. Again, a great wine to go with with dinner, but it won’t over power your food. Just goes well with it. Would I serve this for a special occasion like an anniversary or celebrating a mile stone? Probably not. This would be perfect for a Friday night decompression, BBQing and sitting out in the backyard after a stressful day at work. Enjoy!

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