Tuesday Tunes Protest

Livermore’s Tuesday Tunes used to be about coming downtown to enjoy the music, the food, and to let the kids have a good time running around and play with their friends. Some brought food from home while others enjoyed dining at the restaurants along First Street.

With the new Summer season came some changes. The venue for Tuesday Tunes shifted to the area in front of the Bankhead Theatre. I will say that is a great location for Tuesday Tunes, but organizers decided that attendees could not longer bring their own food from home. Receipts needed to be provided for any food brought into the venue to assure it was from one of the authorized restaurants. This was all guised as trying to promote Livermore business, yet Napa Valley wine was being served.

As I left the house tonight to head over to The Hill (our alternate Tuesday Tunes protest location), I decided to grab a bottle of the Livermore 2007 Crooked Vine Zinfandel that was collecting a coat of dust in my wine rack. I couldn’t remember what this one tasted like, but I had my suspicions that it was going to be fantastic. The wine was excellent and so was the company.

I look forward to the future protests out on the hill.

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