Monogamy 2008 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

I know, wow, the name made ya look twice huh?  Don’t see that everyday!

What the bottle says, “You know you’ve experimented.  It’s a way to discover what you like….and what you don’t.  What makes you happy.  What satisfies your soul.  It’s how you know when you’ve found the one.  The one that makes you say, “sorry, I’m with Cabernet.”  When you’ve met the love of your life, is there really any reason to keep looking?”

This is another Livermore Valley Grocery Outlet Find.  Again, a great wine at a discounted price.  Can’t beat it these days.  I wish more people knew about the Grocery Outlet and what a unreal wine source it can be!  Anyway, back to the bargain wine.   I have to say, great nose when you first uncork.  It really invites you in to pour a glass.  Nice deep red color when settled in my glass.  Doesn’t disappoint when you taste, lots of great flavor to back up what you smell.  Flavors of berry and plum, with a smooth texture, followed by a toasty finish.

Back to the name of the winery….I guess after reading the bottle and thinking about it, I am not monogamous!  Correction!  I am not a monogamous wine drinker!  I am not always, “with Cabernet.”  I can say that I enjoy Cabernet but sometimes I like to hang with Zin, Merlot and spend some time with Syrah.  I’ve been also seen with Barbera but rarely with Chard.  Hope Julia doesn’t mind.  Cheers!

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