A Wine Tour For Friends

What could I say when a good friend I hadn’t seen in way too long asked me if I’d take her wine tasting in Livermore???  I responded with a, “HECK YA!”  I was thrilled with this opportunity to show my friends the best of Livermore.  I quickly realized that showing all Livermore has to offer was not going to be possible in one day.  With so many great places to see and taste I had to come up with a plan.  Ken and I put our heads together and decided to start with lunch at The Grill at Wente, which included a bottle of chilled Fog Bank Chardonnay.  I was hoping for the Riva Ranch, but found the Fog Bank Chardonnay to have the same great flavor.

After lunch, we headed to Cuda Ridge, El Sol, and Ruby Hill.  The day ended with dinner at Sanctuary Ultra Lounge in downtown Livermore.  We threw in a little kareoke to make it really memorable (Thanks Jenny!).   We had a blast!

With the selection of wineries, we tried to give the group a variety of flavors and experiences.  The best part of the plan, which I can’t take credit for, was having a brother that was willing to be the designated driver and photographer for the day.  The only form of payment he needed was to be fed along the way!  Genius idea!

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