Bring Back Tuesday Tunes

It’s the first Tuesday after Independence Day and the Livermore concert on the green is in full swing.  As the music plays, a small group of Livermore families meet on the “hill” at Livermore and First St to freely express their disappointment in the Downtown Associations decision to regulate the food and beverages that families can bring to the downtown event.  These are the same families that support Livermore businesses, yet the food they buy for their children at businesses such as the Livermore Safeway and wine purchased at wineries such as Livermore’s Cuda Ridge do not seem to be Livermore enough for the Downtown Association.  Not only has the Association made it harder for families with children to attend the event, they have also moved the event away from the heart of downtown and in the process have taken business away from the Livermore businesses they are meant to promote.  We can only hope that the Downtown Association will come to their senses and bring back Tuesday Tunes the way it used to be.

Robert Jordan of the Contra Costa Times just published an article about this brewing “food fight.”  You can check it out at

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