Memorial Park

Sitting below the majestic redwood trees just off the California coast, I was reminded of how after years of patience, something as small as a seed can grow to the height of a redwood. That idea definitely provided me with a bit of motivation and peace as Bryersantis, in its infancy, tries to steadily grow.

It was a restful week at Memorial park for the second Bryersantis camping trip. The highlight of the trip for me was sitting around the campfire with friends sharing some of our favorite Livermore wines. Among the Livermore wineries represented were Longevity, Wente, El Sol, Cuda Ridge, La Rochelle, Thomas Coyne, Ruby Hill, Red Feather, Rodrigue Molyneaux, and Boa Ventura. Several Livermore Grocery Outlet finds were also represented and I’m hoping that one of my co-bloggers will get the urge to talk about those great tasting wines.

Cheers to another wonderful outing with the Bryersantis family.

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