Introducing Livermore Wines to International friends and family

Carl’s cousin came into town from Lebanon.   We were so excited to see her and show her around our beautiful Bay Area.  One of the items on her list was to visit one of California’s wine regions.  Having already been to Napa on her last visit, we decided the only logical choice was the gorgeous Livermore Valley.  We did not visit many wineries that day, our time was short and the beauty and view of the Livermore Valley was of the essence in order to incapsulate the visit to Livermore in her mind.  Our first stop was to Ruby Hill, a larger more commercial winery, yet a favorite for Carl and I.  When we arrived the winery was the place to be.  We could barely find a parking spot.  Once inside, we found a quiet corner and began our tasting.  The wine was delicious, of course, Carl’s cousin chose the 2006 Merlot Reserve as her favorite.  She proceeded to shop for various souvenirs and other items akin to the California Wine Country.  After visiting Ruby Hill, we decided that we needed to head for the hills, literally.  Our logical choice was to take her to our FAVORITE winery, Longevity, but decided that she needed to see the view of our hometown.  We chose Thomas Coyne as the logical choice, great wine, great view, what can be better than that?  The other choice would have been Boaventura….a small, beautiful, unpretentious winery that yields great wines and great atmosphere……I still think my hubby and other members of our consortium have yet to try this one…..As we  traveled to Thomas Coyne, the spectacular views of the Livermore Valley came into play. You can’t help but to gasp a bit and be a little starstruck at the wonderful views of this great wine valley.  We entered Thomas Coyne’s gate and as we traveled onto the old country road and began gazing into the serene maze of grape vine extravaganza, Carl’s cousin became very intrigued.  She loved it.  The rolling hills of the Livermore Valley, the unpretentious views of old farmland, the ancient looking structure that is the essence of Thomas Coyne continued to draw us all into the theme.  After parking we walked the stony path to the tasting room, into the heartbeat of Thomas Coyne Winery.  Our barista was very educational and informative.  Each wine had a beautiful description that bordered on passionate.  Our favorite of all of these was the 2006 Grenache.  Carl’s cousin agreed.  We bought a bottle home.  Our last stop was to one of our very favorite spots, Swirl.  Swirl is a small wine bar in the heart of downtown Livermore.  It features various Livermore wines as well as fantastic small plates of mouthwatering foods.  Rocco, the owner, is always on hand to answer questions and to educate the visitor of the Livermore Valley Wine Region.  As always, we were thrilled we came in.  Our orders of the pulled beef and cornbread, the fabulous meat and cheese platter and the special peppers filled with a flavorful mixture of grains and cheese were on the menu.  All were fabulous.  His bold invitation to the Livermore Valley offerings included a flight of Livermore Valley Zinfandels, including Wood Family, Cuda Ridge and Crooked Vine.  Always a great way to enhance an evening or to make this THE evening, Swirl Wine Bar is a wonderful choice.  We left Swirl feeling satisfied with both food and wine. The offerings were delicious and the atmosphere, first class. We got into our car and headed home.  Carl’s cousin told us, if she were to move anywhere in the states it would be here to the Livermore Valley.  Carl and I didnt even have to look at each other to know that we were feeling the same way.  Once again, another person has fallen in love with the small, humble, yet beautiful and prosperous region known as the Livermore Valley Wine Region.

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