Friday At Fenestra

It’s another beautiful day in Livermore and things finally fell into place for me to visit the Fenestra Winery, which I have been trying to get to for at least six months now. Rachel, Jenny, and I headed down there with the kids and found there was a great grassy area for them to hang out in.

We headed into the old barn that housed the tasting room and found a long line up of 18 wines awaiting us. I enjoyed each of the wines, but there were two that stood out from among the rest. The first was the True Red Lot 24 table wine, which was made up of a complex blend of 15 different varietals. It was named after George True, the man who built the winery building way back in 1889. This wine was a Gold Medal winner and it’s not hard to tell why. Not only did this wine taste fantastic, it had a fantastically reasonable price of $10.50.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of the sweet wines and no surprise, the 2009 Arroyo Seco Late Harvest Riesling was my other favorite. This new release silver medal winner was well balanced just as described. Another great find at a reasonable price of $15.

This is a winery I look forward to coming back to in the near future.

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