Unexpected Opportunities and Fantastic Wine

Rachel received a call from one of our friends who was looking bring her cousins, who were from Argentina, to go out with us on a little Livermore wine tour. It wasn’t hard to say yes to that. We decided to meet at Blacksmith Square to get some tapas at Swirl prior to heading out for our tastings. Unfortunately, we found ourselves off to a late start and by the time Rachel and I arrived at Swirl they were closed and prepping for the night’s festivities. Since our friends had not yet arrived, we decided to go into John Chistopher Cellars for a quick tasting. I have heard a lot of good things about John Christopher Cellars, but up until this point had not had the opportunity to try their wine.

I was very impressed with The JCC tasting room and even more impressed with their wine. It isn’t often that you can go through a whole tasting and like the flavor of every wine. Rachel and I finished the tasting and decided to purchase the Journey 94550, which is a blend of Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon. According to the wine menu, there is limited availability of the Journey so I would recommend getting into JCC soon.

John Christopher Cellars had not been on our list for tasting that day, but when our friends arrived we easily convinced them that JCC was were they too need to start the afternoon. Their reactions were much the same as ours. JCC is a stop I would recommend everyone make when tasting in Livermore.

From Blacksmith Square we headed to El Sol. We took these same friends there the last time they came out to Livermore and it was one of their top requests to revisit. Upon parking in the El Sol parking lot we were met by the owner and winemaker, Hal Liske, who greeted us like family and led us into the tasting room. Usually I have found the tasting room to be packed with wine lovers sampling Hal’s magical blends, but luckily for us the tasting room was fairly empty. Hal led us through the tasting both in the tasting room and in the barrel room, providing a fun experience, through his jokes and stories told in broken Spanglish, for both the Americans and the Argentinians. At the end of the experience our new Argentinian friends gave Hal a nickname, which we all might be seeing soon as the name on the label of one of Hal’s new releases. If you ask Hal, he might reveal the name, but my guess is you will just have to wait and see…

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