Saddlers Peak 2007 Napa Valley Red Wine

I know!  I know!!  This is NOT a Livermore Valley Wine!  Please understand, it was purchased at the Livermore Valley Grocery Outlet here in town.   I’m all about Livermore Wines but I have to admit, this wine was awesome.  In other words, blog worthy!   Napa or not, this red made me say WOW!

The bottle says, “Bold aromas and flavors of wild cherry and clove create a complex red wine with depth and intensity unlike any other.  Enjoy with a juicy steak or your favorite burger.”  

Cellared and bottled by Remo Cellars Napa, CA.  My wife said it best, “It smells like a red wine should smell like!”  Not overly fruity, more of a dry red with hints of cherries.  An excellent red wine!  Full bodied, lots of bold flavors yet very smooth.  You can find this steal of a deal at the Grocery Outlet for $5.99 a bottle.  Go out and get a bottle….or a case! 


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