Rosenblum Cellars California Alyse Port

As I sit here watching my wife Julia and Bryersantis family member Jenny attempt to compose a puzzle out of sheer frustration from the night events….I sip my Rosenblum Cellars California Alyse Port. This has been good for me as we sit and wait for the tow truck driver to bring 300C back to life […]

Woodies and Wine

I have been looking forward to going to the Wood Family Vineyards for some time. The fact that they are only open to the public a select few days a years doesn’t make that an easy feat. Early last week it was brought to my attention by Rachel, my wife and our Bryersantis event […]

2007 Crooked Vine Zinfandel

Yesterday half of the Bryersantis Family headed over to the Crooked Vine Winery on Tesla Road in Livermore.  It’s too bad that we did not have the entire group with us because it’s been awhile since I have tasted there.  I often ride by on my bike reminding myself that I needed to stop by.  […]

Cuda Ridge Coupon

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