Ode To Mollie

As the women of Bryersantis continue on with our Research Friday tradition, I had to pay some special attention to one of Bryersantis’s biggest fans, Mollie Schrodi.  Mollie has always been a huge supporter of our endeavors.  Whether it be encouraging us by treading new waters on a research day, attending the first annual salsa festival at Longevity Winery, or simply purchasing and giving feedback on a wine that was so amazing it created an official Bryersantis wine alert, Mollie has always been there to show her support.  Mollie’s favorite Livermore wine continues to be the amazing Riva Ranch Chardonnay, crafted by Wente Winery.  Bryersantis wants to wish Mollie and her family the best as they have moved to Wisconsin to persue a more peaceful life than California can provide.  We are so happy for the Schrodis and all that they have to experience together in their new venture.  In perfect Mollie Schrodi style, she is already promoting Livermore wines to the local grocery stores and wine shops in her area.  Thanks, Mollie, for your continued support.  We miss you more than you can know, not just on Friday afternoons, but in our daily lives.  Cheers to the Schrodi’s and their new life in Wisconsin!

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