Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking- Part III

What an awesome night.  The Bryersantís family really came through.  As I stated in the part 2 post of our winemaking experience, this morning I woke up to find our batch ready for pressing.  Of course being the well organized and experienced winemaker that I am, I had all the equipment I needed ready to go; or maybe not.

I made a call to Todd who told me he was ready to go with the press, but we still needed containers to store our liquid gold in.  I made a call to Carl and he told me he would take care of securing the containers we needed.  A  short time later Carl called me back and told me that Hal Liske, the owner and winemaker of El Sol Winery had been gracious enough to provided us with the containers we needed.

The press went great, but we ended up with a little less liquid than we were hoping for.  Unfortunately we were only able to fill the gallon jug we had been given about two thirds of the way.  Lucky for us Jenny was able to come through with some empty wine bottles.  It looks like we will be dealing with three bottles worth of wine.

A word of warning for those of you who will be trying this in the future, watch out for the spray and don’t wear you nice clothes.  I know there will be some racking of the wine to do in the future, but we will find out the next step when we take the wine to Phil at Longevity next weekend for him to check out.  As always I will keep you posted on the progress.

Be sure to visit the Winemaker album in our photo gallery to see all of the pictures of our winemaking experience.

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