Grocery Outlet Wine Alert!

I was just about done BBQing a great tri-tip that Julia picked up this afternoon and a glass was handed to me from behind with a voice that said, “try it!”  I turned around and Julia was standing there only to say, “I’m not going to tell you what it is and if it’s good or bad, just try it.”  Well, what could I do at that moment?  How could I refuse a nice glass with a deep pour of a mystery red wine??  I tried it of course and WOW!  What a taste it was!  I thought for sure it was a Zin because of the zip at the end and full bodied  taste.  Zin for sure with a hint of…get this, green pepper!  I swear I tasted a bit of fruit but my wife says, “not really” as I am writing this.  Well, it wasn’t a Zin.  It was a Cabernet Franc.  I’m not an expert at picking out wines just by taste, probably most of you are laughing because of the error I made tonight……never said I was an expert, I just love good wine!  Lesson in all of this says, I need to hunt down some Cabernet Franc so I can recognize the flavor in the next blind taste test!  Anyway, wine alert right?  Livermore Valley Grocery Outlet, $6.99.  The Ravens Wood 2001 Sonoma County Cabernet Franc is hard to beat!  Get out there and get a few bottles.  At this price, you can afford to experiment.  If I’m wrong, email me or comment back, let me know what you think.  Oh yeah, went great with the tri-tip.  The zip at the end along with the green pepper went just perfect with the marinated tri!  Have a good week everyone….

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