A Week of Inspiration!

Old Tool Shed or

Future Winery?

Okay so a couple weekends ago was Labor Day (as well as the Harvest Festival here in Livermore of course) and I set aside that Monday as an appropriate day to finally catch up on some much needed home improvements around the house. I volunteered a reluctant husband to stain the fence on his day off while I mowed the lawn and contemplated what to do about the other ugly fence on the opposite side of the yard that we don’t quite have the funds to replace just yet. I decided a solid paint color was the best way to go for now. I came home with a color called “spiced wine”. Sounded good to me! As I started slapping it up on the old boards I realized this was going to look great, compared to what we had going before. I was so inspired by the time I was done, I realized I was only one gallon away from completing the last big eye soar in the yard. The shed. This thing was off-white, dingy and uninspiring in my opinion. It sits out in full view from my kitchen and living room windows. Then the question that always perplexes me, hit me…what color do I paint it??? I suddenly had a vision of one of my favorite spots in Livermore (I have many). Retzlaff Winery! Retzlaff has an adorable vineyard (and some good wine too!) with a barn painted hunter green that’s trimmed in white. It sits among a beautiful garden. That’s it. I’ll turn my ugly tool shed into an adorable barn-like wine cellar. I rushed off to get the paint, and finished the door off with the left over spiced wine color from the fence. It was better than I imagined! I couldn’t stop smiling at my creation. What a difference a can of paint can make! A few fresh flowers in pots and I felt like I had a whole new yard! Ken came home that Wednesday night rightfully suspicious that I was up to something and so I reveled our new shed. The next thing I knew we were talking about how fun it would be to plant a few grapes and turn that shed into our little Bryersantis Winery some day. Why not? We had already started our first batch of wine complements of grandma’s garden just a few days before. I know it’s just a start but it’s fun to dream and I think we’re onto something here…Cheers!

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