Bryersantís Winery Phase II. It’s Official!

We are converting our tool shed into a winery/wine cellar!  Ken has been working hard all weekend installing the A/C unit and putting up insulation to make our shed ideal for wine making.  We are well on our way to a fun little space to make a wine!  We have been very blessed with good friends in the wine industry to help us with tips and tools to get started.  Thank you so much Phil at Longevity and Hal at El Sol for your encouragement and supplies to make our very first modest batch of wine.  We are looking forward to making another batch this year after the harvest thanks to another friend, Jill, who has been gracious enough to offer us the remaining grapes from her Livermore vineyard.  We will keep you posted on our little Bryersantis winery and our first batch of 2010 Bryersantís Livermore wine!  Cheers!

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