Trader Joe’s 2008 Coastal Merlot

I just returned home today from a week long work trip away from the family.  It is great to be back.

We decided to have a little BBQ for dinner tonight so I looked through the wine rack to find a wine that would go well with our Trader Joe’s Tri-Tip.  As I looked through the rack, I came across a 2008 Trader Joe’s Coastal Merlot.  I don’t remember when this wine was purchased or who did the purchasing, but I think this wine is being sold for under the $10 mark.  I figured that a Trader Joe’s Merlot deserved to go together with a Trader Joe’s Tri-Tip.

I opened the bottle and poured myself a glass to drink as I was cooking our food.  I was not really excited with the flavor of the wine in my freshly poured glass, but I decided to let it sit for a little bit and give it another shot.  I am glad that I did.  After sitting for about twenty minutes, the overwhelming flavors from my first sip had mellowed into a very tasty treat.  The taste only got better when combined together with the flavor of the Tri-Tip.  What a phenomenal combination!

I definitely recommend this wine, but make sure you decant it or run it through an aerator prior to drinking. If you can add the Tri-Tip you will only enjoy it all that much more.

I would enjoy hearing any other experiences with this wine.  Please comment and let me know.

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