Research Friday At Red Feather Winery

Another beautiful Friday afternoon in September is here once again.  This time Jenny and I headed to Swirl for a light lunch before doing some new “research”.  Swirl is starting to become a bit of a ritual with us, but when you find something that great, you can’t help but want to go back again and again.  After lunch we made our way out Tesla to Greenville and stopped in at the Red Feather Winery.  This winery has a causal and friendly atmosphere with great views of the Livermore Valley.  We met Connie and her sweet dog.  We started with her sparkling wine and I have to say, I always enjoy a good sparkling wine!  After the sparkling wine we sampled the other wines on the tasting menu including an award winning Old Vine Zin.  In talking with Connie, we found out they host many fun events over the year like an open mic night.  Can’t help but feel so blessed to live in the beautiful and vibrant Livermore Valley.  Cheers!

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