Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking- Part IV

A couple day have passed and somehow I was able to keep myself from disturbing the wine bottles so that the sediment could collect at the bottom of the bottles.  It was hard not to take a look, but I knew that with my luck, I would knock one of the bottles over.

The […]

A Beautiful Day At Charles R Vineyard

Last Friday the girls of Bryersantís, along with Ken and a dear friend of ours, Barbara, headed over to the Charles R Winery tasting room eager to discover another great Livermore winery.  Nestled at the end of Greenville Road you will find a serene and beautiful tasting room surrounded by the oaks […]

A Week of Inspiration!

Old Tool Shed or

Future Winery?

Okay so a couple weekends ago was Labor Day (as well as the Harvest Festival here in Livermore of course) and I set aside that Monday as an appropriate day to finally catch up on some much needed home improvements around the house. I volunteered a reluctant […]

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking- Part III

What an awesome night.  The Bryersantís family really came through.  As I stated in the part 2 post of our winemaking experience, this morning I woke up to find our batch ready for pressing.  Of course being the well organized and experienced winemaker that I am, I had all the equipment I needed ready […]

Grocery Outlet Wine Alert!

I was just about done BBQing a great tri-tip that Julia picked up this afternoon and a glass was handed to me from behind with a voice that said, “try it!”  I turned around and Julia was standing there only to say, “I’m not going to tell you what it is and if it’s good […]

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking! (Uvas Mistério) II

It has been a fun process so far.  One of the best parts has been watching all of the fizzing that goes on after the cap has been punched down.  The kids love seeing that too and it seems they ask hourly to be able to go punch the cap.

I went down this morning […]

9/11 Tribute

Never forget…..

Bryersantís Takes On Winemaking! (Uvas Mistério)

It’s harvest time in the Livermore Valley. The grapes are hanging heavy on the vines and the wine makers are waiting for the grapes to be just right before they begin work on their masterpieces. In celebration of the harvest time, Livermore had their annual Harvest Festival last weekend. From what I hear […]

Ode To Mollie

As the women of Bryersantis continue on with our Research Friday tradition, I had to pay some special attention to one of Bryersantis’s biggest fans, Mollie Schrodi.  Mollie has always been a huge supporter of our endeavors.  Whether it be encouraging us by treading new waters on a research day, attending the first annual […]

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