2005 Stony Ridge Petite Sirah

I have to say, of all the deals that have been found lately in Livermore, this one is quite a treat.  It’s been a while (do I dare say 2 months?), but as Rachel and I were out scouring the Livermore Valley Wine country for the latest prized wine, we decided to stop in […]

Wine Alert! Santino 2006 Primitivo

Wine Alert!!  Santino 2006 Primitivo at the Grocery Outlet for $2.99 a bottle!  Yes, you heard me correctly.  Pick several bottles for $2.99 each!  I have not heard much about the Primitivo grape, the only time I’ve heard anything about it was tasting at Livermore’s Tenuta Vineyards.  They have an incredible Primitivo.  So I decided […]

Page Mill Winery Halloween Haunted House

Halloween is just days away and on Friday, October 29th, Page Mill Winery will be hosting a late wine tasting and haunted Library Sale.  For those of you who have not been to the Page Mill tasting room, I have heard it described as being similar in decor to the Haunted Mansion […]

$50 Wente Gift Certificate For Only $25 (Limited Quantities/Expires 10/28/10)

For those of you who are interested in the Wente gift certificate deal, I just checked and it is sold out.  If you still need the info about the deal here is the link: Wente Gift Certificate

Tamás Estates Zinfandel Riserva, continued…

It’s been a few weeks since my birthday when I received this bottle of Tamas Estates Zinfandel Riserva from the other members of the Bryersantis Family.  For those of you who follow our blog, I said I’d follow up when I broke out the bottle to try it.  Well, I’m standing beside myself right now…..I don’t think […]

The Kindness of Friends

This past week, Todd had knee surgery.  The surgery was a result of a soccer mishap, much to my husband’s dismay.  All in all, things went pretty well.  We went to see the surgeon Friday morning and it appears that Todd is healing fabulously.  He is required to use a piece of equipment that […]

Stanford Sierra Camp and Rodney Strong 2007 Cabernet!

So here I am at Stanford Sierra Camp Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe.  Every year around October the company that I work at sends their sales representatives to a retreat for a few days of learning, bonding and well, laughing.  Have you ever seen Fallen Leaf Lake?  Simply awesome, the views are incredible.   Today […]

Diets and Wine

I’m sure we’ve all done it-on our quest to lose a little weight-you know, give up everything you love, then, like a house of cards, your efforts collapse on top of you.  Well I have, and I am here to say, giving up all the foods you love will almost always backfire.  That is why, […]

Tamás Estates Zinfandel Riserva!

Celebrating my birthday in Monterey has been the best! Especially with the other members of the Bryersantís Family and long time friend “Butter” who frequents our website often. Dinner at the Chart House was unreal. A perfect dinning experience. Livermore Wines to choose from, seared sea scallops, unlimited salad bar, chocolate lava cake […]

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