Longevity 2008 Barbera!

Well, it’s Friday night and most of you know what I’ve been up too.   Yes, that’s right…BBQ.  What goes great with steak, artichoke and baked potato?  Longevity 2008 Barbera of course.  Have you tasted their latest Barbera?  It is truly their best.  I don’t understand how something can be so good.  I cannot do the wine justice by trying to describe the complex full bodied flavor.  Serious fruit forward wine that is almost port like.   Rasins, and plums and maybe black cherries.  The best….. I really love this stuff.  Run over to Longevity and try a bottle.   Remember, Longevity is right here in Livermore so you don’t have to run very far.   Let me know what you think by commenting back!  Have a great weekend….cheers!!

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