Road Trips and Flat Tires

Wrapping up a beautiful weekend spent with family at a once-in-a-lifetime type family reunion.  We stopped off at the quaint little town of Truckee, CA and made a stop for lunch at our favorite little haunt, Squeeze In.  Carl and I had recently discovered this gem last visit up to the Tahoe area about a month ago.  It has all types of fare and was featured on Food Networks, Throw Down with Bobby Flay.  As we got back on the highway, traveling back to Livermore, on the curvy mountainous road, we heard a large “thump”.  A rock!  Or shall I say, we ran over some kind of bolder like daggersish type of rock…a second later our son says, “I hear hissing!”…Uh-oh, it’s true, a flat tire on the family mini-van.  Booo.  We pulled off the winding highway to a little wooded nook.  After a brief but intense panic session on my part, I manged to pull myself together and watch while my husband proceeded to successfully change our tire.  Mission accomplished.  Before “the incident”, I had just mentioned to Carl that this weekend would be all the more perfect with a nice library wine when we arrived home.  Now  all the more do we look forward to this!  Should we go for Livermore’s Cuda Ridge 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon?  El Sol’s Seat of My Pants?  Garre’s Profound Secret?  Longevity‘s newest Barbera?  Or Stony Ridges 2005 Petite Sirah?  Decisions decisions!  But I’ll drink to that!  Cheers and be sure to brush up on your tire changing skills!

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