Diets and Wine

I’m sure we’ve all done it-on our quest to lose a little weight-you know, give up everything you love, then, like a house of cards, your efforts collapse on top of you.  Well I have, and I am here to say, giving up all the foods you love will almost always backfire.  That is why, for the past 6 weeks or so, I have begun a new way of eating-everything in moderation and almost daily 30 minutes of cardio exercising.  I am down 8lbs and let me tell you, I have not given up wine.  Yes, I have temporarily put off my trips to the Livermore Thrifty Ice Cream counter, but I have replaced that habit with a new one, a sugar free fat free frozen yogurt from the newest yogurt shop in town in the Nob Hill center, Menchies or from the ever faithful and wonderful TCBY in the Target shopping center. 

How do I lose weight and still drink wine?  Everything in moderation.  For example, I could use a smaller glass for my wine or instead of 2 – 4oz pours, I could pour myself 4 -2oz pours of my favorite cab, merlot, petite sirah, barbera, etc.  I’ts more satisfying and I end up savoring the wine all the more. 

Today, after my workout, I decided to go over to the Grocery Outlet and peruse the wine aisle, just for fun.  Not only am I concerned about trimming my waistline, I’m also concerned about trimming my budget.  I picked up a 3.99 Fife Napa Valley 2002 Old Vine Zin and a Woodbridge Select Vineyard Series 2007 Clay Hollow Merlot from Lodi for 5.99.  These may be good, or not so good, if I find a winner, I’ll let you know!  Check back and see if I found a deal on a FAB wine and how my weight loss journey is going!

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